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We provide you with ‘tips’ that enable you to analyze your portfolio and make the right decision, even during trading hours!

Knowing which stocks are investment-worthy and tracking them is the most crucial first step. Knowing the right price to buy or sell a stock based on its fundamentals gives you the edge to act confidently when the market swings provide attractive opportunities.

Ensuring you buy the right quantity when the upside potential is attractive and likely to rise and selling when the upside potential is low and likely to worsen has a strong positive impact on your returns.

By using our tips, you can know which stocks are investment-worthy based on our detailed analysis of their 10-Years Performance and assessment of their long-term future prospects.

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There are 5 types of portfolio number:

  • Very aggressive portfolio mean very high risk. Very aggressive portfolio you you can do well in the rising market but avoid the small caps.
  • Aggressive portfolio mean medium risk. Aggressive portfolio mean high return.
  • Moderate portfolio mean low risk. Moderate portfolio contents diversified.
  • Conservative portfolio mean very low risk. conservative portfolio should be diversify and across all sectors with large cap and mid caps.
  • Very conservative portfolio you mean long term low risk.