Profile: ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment.The company designs and manufactures the lithography machines that are an essential component in chip manufacturing, i.e., to create microchips that are eventually used in many electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, and much more.
The company’s headquarters is located in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.ASML has got 24,700 employees spread across offices in more than 60 cities in 16 countries.

ASML invests deeply in R&D, in 2019, the company spent €2 billion on R&D, more than 16% of their net sales.ASML’s Manufacturing and Planning (M&P) department assembles, builds, and delivers all their systems from the prototype stage onwards.

ASML’s lithography product portfolio includes EUV lithography systems and DUV lithography systems.

History: ASML was founded as a joint venture between Philips and ASM International in 1984with 100 employees on board. Over time, the name of the company “Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography” has become simply ‘ASML’. In 1988, the company became independent.

Top Executives: Mr. Peter Wennink is the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Top Shareholders: Institutional investors own over 50% of the company, as of September 29, 2020, T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. is the company’s largest shareholder with 2.57%of stake in the company.

Dividend: ASML proposes to declare a total dividend in respect of 2020 of €2.75 per ordinary share. The company paid the interim dividend of €1.20 per ordinary share in November 2020, this leads to a final dividend proposal to the General Meeting of €1.55 per ordinary share. This is a 15% increase compared to the 2019 total dividend of €2.40 per ordinary share.

Sales: On 20th January 2021, ASML published its 2020 fourth-quarter and full-year results. The fourth-quarter sales were €4.3 billion(net income of €1.4 billion), and the fourth-quarter net bookings came is €4.2 billion. The total net sales for the year were €14.0 billion, net income is €3.6 billion.

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