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Entrepreneurs always change. He competes and tries to elevate his industry to increase his capital, by making changes. changes have always made investors earn more money and prosper. History witnesses entrepreneurs and investors who have focused their attention on the current, social, economic, and industrial changes. They have attained greater prosperity.
The only sure thing an investor can look for in the next five years is the world is going to look much different than it is today. Change is everywhere – robotics(artificial intelligence), medicine data, Electric vehicle, Space  technology, consumer behavior, etc.
For investors, potentially lucrative investment opportunities exist with these changes everywhere. and it’s accelerating the growth, earnings, and potential gains for investors.
At this point, investors will either capitalize on change, growth, and the wealth created by it or pay the high price of being left behind.


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1. BEST RECOMMENDATIOND,                        MARCH 2021               'INVEST IN INDIA,FOR INDIA'       



1.Stock Name : IGL Buy :523  Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 2 Months               SL 480 Target : 660
2.Stock Name : DCMFOODS Buy : 373 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 2 Months             SL 348 Target : 463
3.Stock Name : CANFINHOME   Buy : 506 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months       SL 465 Target : 601
4.Stock Name : ASTRAZEN Buy : 3457 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 9 Months               SL 3276 Target : 5210
5.Stock Name : SDBL  Buy : 33 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months     SL 24 Target : 96
6.Stock Name : KEI Buy : 494 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months    SL 455 Target : 676
7.Stock Name : ESCORTS Buy : 1318 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months    SL 1276 Target : 1579
8.Stock Name : GARFIBRES Buy : 2546 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3  Months   SL 2481 Target : 2977
9.Stock Name : ERIS  Buy : 574 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 2 MAONTHS   SL 544 Target : 651
10.Stock Name : IOLCP Buy : 661 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 2 Months        SL  640 Target : 780
11.Stock Name : GRANULES  Buy : 349 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months        SL  318 Target : 401
12.Stock Name : MINDTREE Buy : 1725 Posted Date : Mar 7, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months            SL  1680 Target : 1810
13.Stock Name : Muthoot Finance Sell : 1238 Posted Date : Mar 8, 2021
Horizon : 1 Months            SL  1280 Target : 1140
14.Stock Name : CONCOR  Buy : 609 Posted Date : Mar 8, 2021
Horizon : 1 Months        SL  566 Target : 691

2. BEST RECOMMENDATIOND,                         MARCH 2021           'INVEST IN INDIA,FOR INDIA'       



1.Stock Name :MTNL Buy :23.90  Posted Date : Mar 14, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months               SL 18.15 Target : 41
2.Stock Name :IDBI BANK Buy :38  Posted Date : Mar 12, 2021
Horizon : 9 Months               SL 25 Target : 61
3.Stock Name :DEEPAK FERTILIZERS Buy :211  Posted Date : Mar 11, 2021
Horizon : 1 Months               SL 185 Target : 255
4.Stock Name :HONDA POWER Buy :1075  Posted Date : Mar 10, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months               SL 977 Target : 1117
5.Stock Name : SBI LIFE Buy :945  Posted Date : Mar 9, 2021
Horizon : 3 Months               SL 908 Target : 1167

3. BEST RECOMMENDATIOND,                     MARCH 2021           'INVEST IN INDIA,FOR INDIA'       



1.Stock Name :HITACHI AIR CONDITIONING INDIA LTD Buy :2650 Posted Date : Mar 24, 2021
Horizon : 1 MONTHS              SL 2615 Target : 2757
2.Stock Name :ITC Buy :222 Posted Date : Mar 20, 2021
Horizon : 3 MONTHS              SL 208 Target : 251
3.Stock Name :NTPC Buy :104 Posted Date : Mar 19, 2021
Horizon : 1 Week               SL 98 Target : 114
4.Stock Name :DELTA CORP LTD Buy :186 Posted Date : Mar 17, 2021
Horizon : 2 Months               SL 165 Target : 245
5.Stock Name :VOLTAS

4. BEST RECOMMENDATIOND,                       MARCH 2021     'INVEST IN INDIA,FOR INDIA'       



1.Stock Name :DREDGING CORP OF INDIA  LTD Buy :381 Posted Date : Mar 30, 2021
Horizon : 2 MONTHS              SL 345 Target : 477
2.Stock Name :AP0LLO PIPES LTD Buy :908 Posted Date : Mar 28, 2021
Horizon : 4 MONTHS              SL 845 Target : 1031




1.Stock Name :ASTRAZENECA PHARMA LTD Buy :4384 Posted Date : APRIL 23, 2021
HORIZEN:6 MONTHS              SL 4230 Target : 5008
2.Stock Name :BRITANNIA Buy :3746 Posted Date : APRIL 14, 2021
Positional 1week              SL 3680 Target : 4011
3.Stock Name :SHRIRAMCIT UNI FIN  LTD Buy :1440 Posted Date : APRIL 5, 2021
Horizon : 6 MONTHS              SL 1386 Target : 1701
4.Stock Name :MANAPPURAM FINANCE LTD Buy :155 Posted Date : APRIL 5, 2021
Horizon : 6 MONTHS              SL 119 Target : 230

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